If you ask an average person a simple question How do you connect to your friends and family in this Digital Era?

The answer is as simple as the question it’s through social media.


Now, why was this question asked is very helpful to give you your desired Result. As nowadays many people show a tendency to more and more time on different social media websites it gives Business owners an opportunity to interact with this audience to Promote their product, engage them before a product launch, interact with them to know their views and opinions and even customer service can be improved.


Now it’s important to learn how a small Business can use this to grow their presence online


1.Facebook This is one of the Biggest Social media platforms with over 2.11 billion active users as of the first quarter of 2018. Now this high number of users is also a pool of Audience waiting to be turned into your customer. The only condition to do this is by interacting as Problem solver through your Product or by

A lot of Business in and around a Particular Business compete with each other. They compete to get the customers for their own Business. So they give offers, start Advertisement and create their Authority in an Area or Locality of Influence to be the customer first choice in a category.


So if they want to create the same Authority online in a Particular Segment or niche and also in a Particular Area that’s ‘Local SEO’.In very simple words

they try to Become the First choice of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

The humorous definition of Local SEO is this ‘The Business plays the Battle of Search Engine Optimization(SEO)  on the Playground of the Internet with their websites to be the ultimate winner of Google Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP). If they are in the top Ranking they Have a Large Fan Base that is their Audience which in turn are their Potential Customers

Where You Stand

SEO is always the Best Marketing option for Small Businesses. The Best Part of SEO is that it’s totally Free and Google will not charge you a Single Penny to be on top Ranking and you will get Regular high traffic as there are billions of searches every day.


So the Next Big Question is that How to Optimize for Local SEO





A.Optimize Your GMB (Google My Business )

This is a First thing to work on as you are starting your Local SEO.MB is a Free Business listing Service by Google to help Small Business owners in creating an Online Business Presence.

Here are 11 Benefits of GMB


  1. Your Business whether it’s a small Shop or a Supermarket will be visible on Google.


  1. A  small Business will get Registered to Biggest Search Engine


  1. It will give Visibility on Google  Maps

Eg. If a Customer search for a Nearby Coffee shop and your Business is Registered with Google then it will show your shop.


  1. A  single Google My Business can give you access to multiple Google Features and it’s Different Listings make your Business on Google maps as well as Google Search.


  1. A  Potential customer can easily contact you with a Message from an Autobot.


  1. With an Autobot you don’t need to be Always on your phone a customer can Send a Query which will be automatically responded by Smart AI


  1. A customer can schedule an Appointment, place all, place our website or messages you on the Spot with just one Google my Business listing


  1. Now more need of answering queries like the Business work time and dates as you can schedule it on Google and let your customers when you are Open.


  1. It will Help you to win over your competition as 30% of people mostly check on Google to get a Nearby service.


  1. You will get a website of your own customized to your Needs with a Google My Business.


Now The Next Thing is that many Businesses are not totally aware of the way to optimize their GMB.So Team Buzet is ready to help you check here (GMB website hyperlink)


B.Keyword OptimizationTarget

Keywords play a very important role in the listing of a website on search engines. In order to stand out from your local  competition use following steps


Let’s try to understand this better with an Example :

There is a Jewellery shop in Delhi which is  working on SEO


  1. Focus on long tail keywords as there is already too much competition over short tail keywords.


  1. Long tail keywords should be in the sequence of Adjective (Best, cheap, Near, Close By, Budget, etc) + Business field (Jewellery shop, Cakeshop, cafe, etc ) + Locality and Area

For Eg. (Best Jewellery shop in Delhi) and can be also (Budget Jewellery shop in Chandni Chowk)


  1. After getting a keyword that you want to focus on creating content Primarily focused on this.

Eg. Best Jewellery Designs to Buy in Delhi.


  1. The content can also be in Local language like Hindi which will help it to optimize for the search in Multilingual language


C.Create your website Friendly for userReplan


Around 90% of the websites on the internet are not web-friendly. You can work on the Google Search console to check the changes required for your website and use Google Trends to get the Best content.

A website top Priority should be that it should be Mobile friendly according to New update by Google.

If your website is Mobile Friendly and It’s easy for crawlers to Index your website you are already Ahead by 50%-70% from your competition.


At Buzet India we love challenges and we face them each and every day sometimes we face failure but more than 90% we conquer the difficulties to deliver the desired result to our clients.

One of the such challenge came to our team where an Highly recognized coaching institution from Mumbai approached us with a test budget of 1K $ and we had a limited 6 days to get 100 student in a seminar.

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