Buzet means many things, for us its a homonym of the word Budget. You may take Buzet as Bu-zet, Bu as a friendly, zet is uber-cool. So Buzet is a friendly and uber-cool company ūüôā cool…

In fact, we at Buzet are your extended team members. We work in tandem with your team to build the marketing assets and help you scale up in business.

We focus on small to medium businesses who are striving to rise up in the ladder.

Our growth philosophy is quite simple, we grow by making our clients and associates grow as well.

Officially Started in March 2018, we have served more than 72 clients in one year! The assignment varied from improvising a campaign to making a startup stand strong in the market. Read more about our success stories to know us better.

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From the Chief

Shibaram Mishra



Ranked among Top 10 Inbound Marketer in India


When someone asks Shibaram, “what do you do?”, he replies, “I help people and business grow”.

Shibaram is an Indian Institute of Management Certified Digital Marketer with 20+ years of experience in web, software development, business development and digital marketing, Shibaram had the opportunity to work with 300+ small business owners as well as international organizations like United Nations.

He is also a trainer and served as a Guest Faculty for IIM Jammu, and taught Digital Marketing.

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