Website Growth Challenge – Zero to Success in 14 days

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14 days website growth challenge

Transform Your Website to a Lead Machine

Was FREE for first 100 registrations, all the 100 spots are filled up! But don’t worry, take the premium membership with a 20% discount. use coupon code 14dwc at checkout!

Welcome to Website Growth ChallengeZero to Success in 14 days!

Want an interactive website, with more traffic?

If your answer is Yes, then CHALLENGE YOURSELF – for an absolute growth of your website in just 14 days!

Who is it for?

Anyone who runs a business and is trying to market online through a website

What are the benefits?

While having a conversion-ready website is GOLD, following are a few of the key benefits 

  1. Plan and Publish Better Content
  2. Collect Leads in a more efficient way
  3. Better User Engagement, let people reach you easier
  4. Get noticed, be found and reach more people
  5. Get Better Conversion and Revenue


What is the process?


You need to have a website or you can start building a new website and take part in the challenge.

We will deliver the funnel, one a day for 14 days. There will be 

  • Daily Facebook Live
  • One blog + Video a day
  • Checklist/takeaway for the day
  • One Email Everyday with all the resources and checklists
  • Support and Q&A in the FB group

What is the cost?

Taking part in the challenge is absolutely free, and anyone can take part.

However, you need to engage yourself or your web team in getting things done. 

If you want assistance in getting a new website or want us to improve your website, we can do that for a small fee and we will follow the 14 day routine to do the same. Click here to get in touch with us!

What next?

Click on “Take the challenge” button below

Requirements to make the best of  this plan:

  1. A Website – of course (Looking for a new website? Check our packages)
  2. Access to change the content of your website (or have a web developer)
  3. Access to your Google analytics and webmaster tools (or your webmaster can be helpful)
  4. Minimum 30 minutes of engagement for this task.
  5. And the Last but Most important – Have a clear GOAL. Know your ultimate aim.

So are you ready for the Growth Challenge?


In the next 14 days, we will discuss each item in detail;  “The To-Do-Lists for achieving the Zero to Success Challenge”.

For the 100% result, the daily pathway on which we will focus is.

Day 00

Set Your Goals Right 
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Goal planner and tracker

Day 01

Where do I stand? 

Current stats / facts / figures / site audit etc

  • Check current rankings
  • Check website audit ( Neil Patel / website-grader)
  • Social (likes, comments, followers, Facebook insights, etc)
  • Google Index (Site: Website Name)
  • SERP

Day 02

Getting ready to be noticed

Getting SEO ready / setting social profile

  • Fix technical SEO issue
  • Set up social profiles
  • How to know which social platform is good for you

Day 03

Showing Off

Submitting sitemap, submit to directories / posting in social / Submit XML sitemap

  • Submit your site to directories
  • Post in your personal social profile
  • Invite friends to Visit/Share
  • Use Follow/Share buttons on the site
  • Email contacts
  • Use Whatsapp
  • Use it in your signature

Day 04


Increase engagements

  • Make ur cover page
  • Tag friends
  • Offer a free service
  • Share Case Studies/Success stories

Day 05

Invite Visitors

Engaging content

  • Write engaging content
  • On page SEO – this can be “optimize content related to your products and services”
  • Blogging – write articles about your product and services, which will help them understand about it, like guides, dos and don’ts, FAQ, etc
  • Offer free stuff which people want to attract them
  • Circulate the content through social media.

Day 06

 Keep your scrapbook ready

Collecting emails / forms

  • Feedback Form
  • Get a quote
  • Query form
  • Email subscription form (site / facebook page)

Day 07

Add value to your website

Freebies/giveaways for your visitors

  • Free tools
  • Giveaways
  • Guides
  • E-books
  • Free consultation

Day 08

Getting Your Social Right 

Social media performance audit

Day 09

Listen to your visitors
  • By Google analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Ask to give feedback on the website and social media.

Day 10

Offer something new every time they visit you 
  • Delight your audience

Day 11

Engage your visitors
  • Ask for feedback/suggestions/ surveys

Day 12

 Ask for recommendations
  • Testimonials

Day 13

 Review your website success
  • Website audit

Day 14

Re-plan, set your new goals
  • Replan

Hurry! Take the Challenge!

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Was FREE for first 100 registrations, all the 100 spots are filled up! But don’t worry, take the premium membership with a 20% discount. use coupon code 14dwc at checkout!

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