Slowdown or not [Growth] is a must!

Learn How to Grow your Business Even During a Slowdown

Shibaram is an IIM Certified Digital Marketer, Ranked among Top 10 Inbound Digital Marketer for 2019 by Silicon India Magazine. He comes with more than 20 years of experience and have worked with United Nation, Coca Cola, Airtel and 300+ clients.

Shibaram Mishra

Founder, Buzet Web Digital

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You and Shibaram will discuss about the Current Challenges your Business is facing and how to build a winning strategy with the help of Digital Marketing in the present circumstances where business is tough and economy is expected to experience a recession.

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What Happens During the Call

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You receive a personalized blueprint of your business growth.

Why shibaram?

Shibaram has worked with more than 300+ Business Owners in last 20 years. He is a technopreneur so he also understands the other side of business growth. He has helped a shop owner sell more apparels, also have helped United Nations Industrial Development Organization form a digital marketing strategy to attract more industrialist to invest in India too. His varied experience and knowledge will be instrumental in framing a strategy for you.

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